What this book will do for the reader in practical and immediate terms?

  • It will catch the interest for reading it and to do the exercises?
  • It will make you to “like” the idea of reflecting about yourserlf? Will give you spirit, optimism?
  • Will you observe your problems more “lightly”?
  • Will help you in difficult moments?
  • Give you means to reflect and go beyond?
  • According to the state of mind of the reader, he has the option to address the book in different ways (getting into the magic of the images, quotes, exercises ,  the incidental information and the experiences exposed)
  • You can read or leaf it through in a random and its always a plus
  • This book will wake up the dialogue among the members of the family. Lead the people to comment and to exchange ideas.
  • It is a book that you enjoy by talking about it and discussing it with others.
  • I have been told about its healing power
  • I have received testimonies of people who keep the book as an allied on their night table
  • They are fond of it
  • It helps to get a better understanding and to have a new visión to face the daily challenges..
  • You gain in knowledge and inner contact
  • Comments like “it is a conversation piece” “Helped me to get closer to myself and to others”
  • Looking forward to have one of their own. (In groups, the book has awaken immediate interest for the people… all want to have one)
  • Make us remember our search for trascendency

What makes this product unique?

  • I think that to bring the relevant concepts to graphic gives something special that doesn’t exist in most of the books of this kind ….self development
  • – It is attractive “It is a book that not knowing how,  the person starts to be seduced to continue searching.  They describe it as “with a special charm”.
  • Concepts of psichology that people tend to associate as “dense” are exposed in such a simple way but without loosing their depht.
  • The festive side makes “We are love” a book to be read and commented by people of different ages. It motivates people inside a home to address these topics together, helping and supporting the familiar communication and integration.
  • It was done to reach all kind of people (not necessarily a religious tendency)
  • It helps to open conscience, even for the most trained people. Even though these concepts may seem basic, have much trascendency.
  • Every time that you read it you get something different, as per each’s inner process (it usually happens, with all the books).
  • It is bought by the mother and finally is the younger son, the married daughter and the husband who want to keep it for themselves (it has happened many times).
  • Every author makes their product to be special and unique because it reveals what is very inside, it reveals how do we are (and each one of us is a universe).  I feel that We Are Love is the result of personal experiences and contributions as a human being, woman, wife and mother, a process along my life.
  • It was created with so much love and people could capture it and receive it.
  • It is a book that had a divine inspiration in their different stages… it arrived alone up to the end.

What do you think that distinguishes this book compared to others?

  • Novel, original
  • Simplicity and honesty
  • Its simple and easy language reaches all kind of readers
  • Dynamism
  • Teaches without noticing it
  • Provokes joy of living (optimism)
  • Amusing
  • Gives hope
  •  Allows our inner contact
  • Wakes up our potential of love, remembering at every minute our divine essence…Love
  • Allows us to understand that we can live in love with ourselves and others easily

Develop some advertising slogans. You are the author, you know the book better than anybody else.

  • It is described as: Novel, dynamic, educational, profound and amusing”
  • “196 pages in full colour regarding how to improve your quality of life”
  • “It is a reading that makes you happy and also nourishes the soul” to be worked individually and also shared with your family”
  • “A good company at any moment”
  • “A book that helps to rediscover your Creative Potential”
  • “The only thing necessary to be happy is to contact ourselves with our divine essence… Love ….that cosmic energy that lives inside us ….that many people call God”
  • “We are Love…. A book that amuses and allowes you to look life with good humour”
  • “We are Love will help you to smile and to share love”

How will be sold this book? What will motívate people to buy it?

Can be sold in bookstores and in gift shops. A good gift for  a variety of celebrations…Bdays, marriages, anniversaries, February 14th, etc..

Can be sold to institutions and enterprises, together with workshops that will go into detail in every chapter in a working and personal aspect.

It is a book that gives an answer to many of the emptyness that we face today.

It is a must at the time we are living,Buy me!!!

Enumerate any previous work, in order, with title, editor, year

  • Magazine articles, privates (enterprises) and publics
  • I have a book named “Conversations with Love”, the graphic of the book are my paintings and it has conversations with the afterlife (I think that it could be interesting to publish at any moment)

Enumerate any coming work, with title, editor and year of advanced publication

  • One of my projects is to make books of all the workshops that I perform. These books are very well received, therefore, I think that will be welcome.
  • The idea is to follow the same dynamic of “We are Love” in smaller size (the books will be cheaper)

* I consider “We are Love” as the basic book, the first one, then come the others

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